Your Ultimate Guide for 2015!

How To Get Laid On Tinder (in 24 hours!)

How To Get Laid On Tinder is the premier guide for men looking to take their Tinder game to the next level.A comprehensive guide covering  how to match, message, meetup and most importantly- close the deal with the most desirable women in your area!

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Chris Haven is a dating,relationship and addiction consultant with 12 years of experience and the author of the most viral article on Tinder which has helped thousands of men match, meet and date quality women on Tinder.

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What You Will Learn With This eBook

Most Tinder guides teach you how to get a date with an average girl. How To Get Laid On Tinder ends in sex with only the hottest of your matches. Always.

  • More Quality Matches

    Double triple and quadruple your matches. Learn how to pick a great picture write a badass bio that guarantees her right swipe.

  • More Messages

    Matching is easy. Messaging is a different story. Learn how get responses from 7 out of 10 women you message and keep them engaged till they give your their phone number.

  • More Numbers

    Get the girls phone number within 5 lines of messages.No number, no sex. Unless she comes over to your place directly of course. You’ll learn how to make that happen as well.

  • More Dates

    Message, Text, Date, Sex. Sometimes you’ll skip a step or two. If you are not meeting up with her, you’re not having sex. Learn how to have a great conversation that gets her excited to meet you in person.

  • More Confidence

    Anyone can meet an average girl off Tinder. But not everyone can handle the truly gorgeous ladies. You’ll learn how to have the right mindset going into the date to ensure that she ends up legs up in your bed.

  • More Sex

    So you’ve followed our guide and hooked up with some beautiful women. You want to keep a few of them around. How do you do it? From making first time sex the most mindblowing things she’s ever experienced to managing a harem of hot women, I’ve got you covered.

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How To Get Laid On Tinder will teach you three basic things:

1) Get attractive girls to match with you and build attraction

2) Get her number as soon as possible

3) GET LAID within 24 hours. Thats it.

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